Christian Read is a professional writer based in Sydney, with credits for Dark Horse and Phosphorescent Comics, including Star Wars, The Witch King, The Eldritch Kid and many more.

Most recently, Read has published the first two books of a new superhero story for Gestalt, Unmasked, which revolves around one-time supervillain Simon Van Zandt, down on his luck and reduced to working as a debt-collector after a spell in jail.

Already, review copies of Unmasked have been received enthusiastically:

“On the basis on this first issue, it looks like Read is one of those rare comic writers who actually learned the right lesson from Watchmen, which deconstructed comic book tropes not so as to excuse an influx of over-the-top violence – the unintended consequence of the book’s success – but instead to draw attention to the fetish of the superhero as a concept, with all the underlying hints of sexual repression and fascism. Think of Unmasked as the flipside of The Incredibles then, a far more incisive take on the idea of a civilian supervillain than Mark Millar’s bombastic Wanted.”The Momus Report, 3 June 2012.