Emily Smith
Emily K. Smith’s latest work, Unmasked 2, has been released exclusively online by Graphicly. Created in collaboration with writer Christian Read, early reviews have likened her illustration style to the “much missed” Steve Skroce through her character’s well-defined, yet convincingly fleshy features. The grit, broken teeth and rough-hewn humanity is all captured beautifully by Smith’s panel work.

Born in country Western Australia, Emily Smith enjoyed a literary childhood and followed her passion for storytelling and art at age 17 when she moved to Perth for university and discovered the graphic novel.

Smith has educated herself in sequential art, interacting with other artists over the internet and drawing inspiration and method from her landscape artist father. By age 20 Smith secured her first illustation job with the Perth-based studio of Gestalt Publishing.

Passionate about graphic novels as an art form, Smith has lectured at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School on theory and the interpretation of sequential storytelling.