Cleverman creator brings new stories to life-after-death with Lustration

13 Sep 2018

Ryan Griffen, creator of the international hit Cleverman TV series, is developing new graphic stories at Gestalt with artist James Brouwer and editor Wolfgang Bylsma.   “Writing comics gives me the freedom that a film shoot couldn’t,” Griffen said. “The possibilities are endless in comics. There are no budget limitations; if you can imagine it, […]

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Production Snapshot: Legio Ex Mortis

20 Nov 2015

We are delighted to announce that a new series set in the world of Rombies is now well into production and is scheduled for publication in 2016. Rombies: Legio Ex Mortis is written by Christian Read and illustrated by Jason Goungor, with the story examining the rise of a zombie legion in ancient Briton. Wolfgang […]

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