The 2017 Aurealis Awards were announced at a special ceremony on 31st March 2018, and we are delighted that Changing Ways Book Three was the recipient of the Best Graphic Novel/Illustrated Work award.

Written and illustrated by Justin Randall, and edited and lettered by Wolfgang Bylsma, this is the third volume in the Changing Ways series. The first volume, originally released in 2011, also received the Aurealis Award for Best Graphic Novel for its year of publication, along with the Gold Ledger Award.

Changing Ways Book Three was one of over 800 works submitted to the fifteen categories that make up the Aurealis Awards.

Gestalt Publishing’s Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Bylsma, was thrilled at the news.

“It is wonderful that the quality of Justin’s storytelling was recognised again at this year’s Aurealis Awards, ” he said. “Few people are privy to the amount of work that Justin puts into every facet of his storytelling practice, and how intricate the detail in his craft truly is so this kind of industry acknowledgement is an important affirmation.”

Changing Ways Book Three is currently out of print, but is available in digital format. A Kickstarter campaign for an additional print run will be commencing late April 2018.